A ticket for at.tension#7 costs €75 per person and includes camping. The ticket also comes with two passes for those performances at the festival with restricted numbers. Children and young people under the age of 13 can attend the festival free of charge. The tickets will only be available on our website on three different dates:

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1. Monday 15 May 10 am - first round is over

2. Thursday 15 June 7am - second round is over

3. Monday 3 July

We're sure that the whole festival will be sold out after these three advance ticketing rounds!

A maximum of four non-personalised tickets can be reserved with each order. The ticket sale will only be confirmed when the money for them has been transferred to our bank account. Please take note that the transfer has to take place within 7 days after the presale date, and that it is not possible to pay by any method other than a bank transfer. The tickets can be downloaded from our website middle of June as E-tickets using the personal account you create when reserving the tickets.

It is not possible to exchange or cancel tickets. We will set up a ticket exchange on our website, where you will be able to offer other people your ticket at the original price. Please be fair and only sell on your tickets at the original price. Increasing the price would be a slap to all those who voluntarily work for at.tension free of charge.

Day tickets priced at €25 will only be available for the two weekend days and for festival-goers from Mecklenburg-Pomerania. This aims to strengthen regional theatre structures and offer people from the local area the opportunity to gain an insight into the hugely diverse range of theatre taking place on the Kulturkosmos site.