Please leave your dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goldfish and other animals at home if possible. According to official regulations, both the event area (floors and event spaces) and the food stalls are off-limits for dogs. Dogs are only allowed to roam the rest of the event area under supervision and, in the best case, on a leash. Free-roaming dogs will be collected by us and taken to the surrounding animal shelters at the owner's expense.


With bus

You can travel to the at.tension festival stress-free and cheap with the Bassliner directly from Hamburg and Berlin. Tickets are now available at

By car

Arriving on the A24 from Hamburg or Berlin, change to the A19 towards Rostock. Take the second exit (No. 18, Röbel) and follow the B198 towards Neustrelitz. Turn right towards Lärz airfield after the village of Vietzen. Beware of the two speed cameras on the B198!

With the train

The 9,- Euro ticket will no longer be available in September. So if you are travelling by train, the Brandenburg ticket is the best choice from Brandenburg and Berlin. The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ticket is the best choice from Hamburg. From Neustrelitz, the shuttle buses (5,00 Euro) will take you to the at.tension.

Departure times (Neustrelitz - Lärz):

  • THU: 2:00 - 10:00pm, hourly

  • FRI: 1:00 / 3:00 / 5:00 / 8:00pm

  • SAT: 1:00pm

Departure times (Lärz - Neustrelitz):

  • SUN: 12:00 / 2:00 / 4:00 / 6:00pm

  • MON: 10:00am / 12:00 / 2:00 / 4:00pm

By bike

You can travel in an environmentally friendly way from Berlin by bike together with the bikeX crew. The tour starts on Thursday, September 8, at 10:00 a.m. from Oranienburg S-Bahn station (Berlin). The route is about 87 km long and will be led by three experienced cyclists. There will also be luggage transport. Further information can be found here


If you still have room in your car or are looking for a ride, then post it in our forum.

Barrier-free access

The festival is at ground level. All venues are connected by paved paths. The toilets between the Tube and the Luftschloss have a wheelchair accessible toilet. There is also a combined barrier-free toilet and shower facility in the camping area on the "Insel".

There is the possibility to camp barrier-free - please register in advance at barrierefrei(at)

If you have a valid ticket and a B in your disabled pass, you do not have to pay admission for the accompanying person. If you write to barrierefrei(at), we can enter the ticket for your accompanying person in advance. In this way, the accompanying person - like all guests - will receive the vouchers for the shows with limited seating by email.

Guests with disabilities can contact the stage crew at each venue before the start of the show to find a suitable seat for them.


The camping areas will be open from Thursday, September 8, at 10:00 am. Please do not arrive before then, as we are still in the middle of preparations. The camping area is located on the "Insel" around the lake. If you prefer a regular accommodation in the area, the tourist information offices in Röbel, Mirow or Rechlin can help you find it.

Children and young people

Children can only enter the festival area with an Kleinkindticket (0 - 5 years) or a Kinderticket (6 - 15 years). As the shows with limited seating usually have an age restriction, children's tickets do not receive a voucher and therefore are not entitled to access the voucher shows. Children over the age of 16 pay the full ticket price.

The at.tension also sees itself as a family festival! But of course we expect everyone travelling with children to be aware of their responsibilities and to take care of their children themselves.

Some performances have age restrictions and are not suitable for small children. Please pay attention to the information in the programme booklet. We understand that you would like to have your little ones with you everywhere, but screaming and crying children are disturbing for the artists and the rest of the audience.

In any case, please observe the guidelines for the protection of children and young people, which also apply on our camping and festival grounds. Children between the ages of 0 - 13 years can stay on the festival grounds until 10 pm accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children and young people between the ages of 14 and 18 may stay on the festival grounds until midnight if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Child-free camp

People who do not want to be woken up in the morning by children in the neighbouring tents can sleep on the child-free camp. People with children can spread out on the other tent areas as usual.

No matter where you camp, please be considerate of each other and respect the fact that all camping areas are intended for recreation, refreshment and rest.


So far, we have not received any official requirements regarding Corona-related measures. Should this change, we will of course implement them for the protection of all and inform you. But Corona is not over yet and that's why we rely on a responsible and solidary cooperation. We ask all guests to take a quick test before departure and only arrive with a negative result. Furthermore, we ask all guests to wear a mask in the closed venues where theatre and circus shows are shown.

Day tickets

On Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m., 500 day tickets will be available on site at a price of 40 euros. This offer is aimed at guests from the region (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and northern Brandenburg), as we want to create a regional cultural offer and give people from the region the opportunity to get an insight into the theatre spectacle on the Kulturkosmos grounds.


We open the gates to the festival site on Thursday, September 8, at 10:00 am. The programme starts at 3 pm with workshops and installations, and the first shows start outside at 4 pm.


There is a colourful selection of stalls that will provide you with vegetarian or vegan food at the at.tension. You will find them on the Seebühne, between the Luftschloss and Kidsspace and in front of the Turmbühne. Drinks are available at the various bars. The exact locations of the food stalls and bars can be found in the Festival Guide map.


We would like to thank the following sponsors who have supported individual guest performances.

The French productions are supported by the Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture.



You will find a map and a timetable in the festival guide as well as all the information you need to make your festival visit as enjoyable as possible. You will receive the guide free of charge at the entrance together with your festival wristband. You will most certainly be able to find a spare copy or two at the Infopoint as well.


During the festival, you will find people who know almost everything and can help you with your questions at the Infopoint opposite the Kinohangar. Here you can also hand in lost property or ask for lost items.


You enter the festival at your own risk. Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. and the at.tension Festival are not liable for damage to property that occurs, for example, during an artistic performance.


Nationalists, racists, homophobes and sexists are not allowed in and must stay outside.


Of course, you can take photos of your experiences for private use. But we urge you to handle your photos and videos responsibly so that the right to your own image is respected. Please refrain from taking any photographs or filming during the performances. The best memories stay in your heart, not on your microchip. We also have some professional photographers on the premises during the festival whose pictures you can see later on our website.


Hot showers are available at the camping area, at the Waschsalon behind the Luftschloss and in front of the Workshop Hangar. Cold showers are available at the Shower Tower. You can find the exact locations on the map in the Festival Guide. For a cold refreshment you can also jump into the lake on the Insel, but please do not use shampoo and shower gel there.


There will be shuttle buses to take you from Neustrelitz to at.tension and back. Look out for them at the station, you cannot miss them. More information under "Arrival".


The at.tension#9 is sold out. All information and FAQs about (purchased) tickets can be found under Tickets. If people want to sell their at.tension tickets again, you can find their ticket offers in the forum. Apart from the day tickets on Saturday and Sunday, there will be no tickets for sale on site - neither for adults nor for children. The rule on site is: No ticket - no entry!


There are various toilet facilities on the festival and camping site with a choice of porta-potties, composting toilets or flush toilets. All toilets are supervised and cleaned. You can find the exact locations on the map in the Festival Guide. We do not have a disposal structure for private camping toilets!

Trash deposit

We do not charge a deposit for trash at the at.tension Festival. Nevertheless, we do not want to clean up your trash.

At the entrance you will be given a trash bag, which you are kindly asked to fill and throw into the provided containers when you leave. Please leave your camping area clean and collect all trash as well as every single peg you have sunk into the ground. Removing any left behind trash will cause unnecessary backaches and headaches. Even better, of course, is to produce as little trash as possible.

Voucher shows

This year too, some of the venues will have limited seating capacities.

At the last at.tension#8, the stamp card with two stamp fields allowed access to two of the seat-limited shows. In this way we were able to distribute the limited seats of the five largest venues as fairly as possible between all visitors. This year, this system will be replaced by digital vouchers, which will be sent out about two weeks before the festival. This way you can click through the information on all the "voucher shows" from the comfort of your own home and secure two places in these shows per adult ticket. Like this you can relax until the show starts. Please bring your tickets (on your smartphone or printed out) to be scanned at the show entrance.

With this new system, you are guaranteed a seat for your chosen show without having to queue. Of course, the shows without vouchers are in no way inferior to those with vouchers!


You can fill your water canisters and water bottles with tap water free of charge at the Shower Tower and at other water taps on the site.